Saturday, September 15, 2007 Be More Like Jesus

I saw this and thought "it's good someone said it."

It's definitely not just in the States. There is a lot of the same stuff going on here in Korea too. Hypocrisy is global too.

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  1. Ouch. No kidding, though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love what Gandhi said: "I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

    A newcomer joined our church choir one evening. She was shy and nervous and didn't know anyone, and didn't know where to get a hymn book. I watched in amazement as three of the women huddled together to keep her from joining them and another diffidently shrugged when this women asked where she could find a hymn book. I helped her look for one (I didn't know where they were myself). Later, I heard those same three women bemoaning the fact that young people were no longer joining the church. These women look down their nose at people who come to church in shabby clothes. They think highly of themselves because they collect for Christian Aid and make up gift boxes for needy families at Christmas. Which is all well and good, but what they lack in Christian charity could fill the Grand Canyon.

    Gandhi could have told them a thing or two.

  3. Ghandi would have said it much nicer than I would have. I was thinking "bitches".

    When I go to church and someone doesn't get the hymn book, I share mine with them.

    However, I'll be the first to admit that my version of religion would freak out those Christians.

  4. hey I am a christian and Christ said that they will know I sent you because of how you love one another like I love you. TO be honest that isn't right , but where I live we give to the poor, and have houses for widows and homeless. My pastor encourages this and so does the bible. Real Christianity is what Christ said it is , loving GOD with all your heart mind and soul and loving your neighbor as yourself. I will admit and ask for forgiveness of behalf of the body of Christ and say we DO NOT OPERATE IN THIS..But some places and churches do...So I think that ad is just as bad as people saying all blacks are ignorant (the n word) because all christians do not go to big churches with SUV's and big houses. I go to church in a warehouse and I drive a BUICK and I love JESUS man ...totally

  5. Right, but that's YOU.

    There are many "Christians" who are hypocrites. Cherry picking the words used in text is an attempt at distracting from and diluting the point.

    Take out "SUV" if it bugs you and write in "nice car". (or even write in "car" because the people who need help have needs so dire that food and shelter are what they can't afford, so they certainly can't afford a car.)

    Take out "upper middle class" and write in "privileged". (or write in "someone with a roof over their head" because there are a lot of people who need shelter.)

    The point is there are a lot of "Christians" way more concerned with being holy rollers and putting on a show than with being more like Jesus.

    If it doesn't refer to you, then don't take it personal.

    I don't think it's bad at all. It points to the high level of hypocrisy in a country with millions upon millions of "Christians" who seem to spend more time worrying about people's personal choices and lifestyles than helping those in need.

  6. Jane, I love what you said about Christians and their tendency to concentrate on the personal choices and lifestyles of others. I will admit that by the end of the evening, I was not feeling a bit charitable towards the other women in the choir. "Preaching to the choir" they say; let me tell you, these women could use it.

    Melonie, you are right: that ad makes it sound as though all Christians are like that, and I thank God they aren't. But here in my town, there are quite a few people who do fit that image. One of the younger members of our congregation sometimes comes to church in slacks and sandals. Okay, where I grew up, that wasn't on. You had to wear your best, shabby or no, and it had to be ironed. But nowadays it is great that young people can be bothered to come to church at all, and that young man shouldn't have anyone looking down her nose at him. It certainly doesn't make sense to be so judgmental when the church is bemoaning the fact that not enough young people come to church anymore. Maybe those ladies needed to hear the parable about old wine in new bottles again ...

  7. The ad didn't say all Christians are like that, but look around, there are a large number them and, as your stories show Mary, all of us know them. ;-)

  8. You are absolutely right and change is coming I think. I do appreciate the add though. Maybe if enough christians saw it we would repent and get to the real deal "holy"field

    Thanks for sharing, I really didn't take it personal , I just know that all of us aren't walking where we should and I for the most of my walk was in that way until I woke up and realized, if I believe then I shouldn't make HIS death and resurection a joke cause I was.

    It's cool nuttin but cocoa butter love man

  9. I think the philosophy behind most ideas of Christianity is admirable, but that's what irks me. The philosophy of it seems to be what most Christians ignore.

  10. Melonie,
    I think the issue is that many people have used religion as a bully club when it comes to creating public policy or even church policy that excludes or divides.
    And that's what Christians have to work against, both among themselves (especially!)

  11. Yep, that's part of it. Another is the rampant hypocrisy...

  12. Hypocrisy is like political correctness, in that it also serves a self declared elite with a penchant for dramatic overrepresentation and making others pay for their crazy idea(l)s, or lack thereof? This is cool stuff...too bad i'm late in seeing it. Yeah, i'm kind of sad Hillary was now reproached for showing feelings, or no feelings, or heck, she had feelings that she was seen as weak for repressing? Wonder, wonder...does that mean if women are not handpuppets to the nurturing libertarianism of men they have no worth? Spirituality is all we have left after ethics are running and hiding. Onward Christian soldiers?


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