Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival = Surprisingly Fun

Lee Ju-young (fashion designer), yours truly and Kim Bada (from the Ratios and Ju-young's husband)

Hey everyone.

I'm still around and take this blog post as proof ;-)

I went out to the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival today and really enjoyed myself.

I'd not planned on going. The monsoon rains have been pouring pretty consistently since early July and they're showing no signs of stopping. Between finally putting some time into my squalorific apartment, nurturing my personal life and working a three week camp at a elementary school here in Seoul, I'm just busy.

When asked if I planned on going to Pentaport my reply consisted of buzz words like "rainy", "muddy", "dirty" and "no". However, The Ratios were playing today.

My editor knew I'd interviewed them back in May, but I had a few follow up questions and it's been on hold. However, with Pentaport going on this weekend, this was an excellent weekend for me to see them live again and finish up my interview with them. Duty called, so I got myself added to the press list and headed out.

I like events to be well-planned and organized. To my pleasant surprise, this festival was. They've had a few years to figure it out, so I'm not surprised. It's just nice when there is no stress or drama at an event.

The press booth was clearly marked as were the ticketing areas. The website had clear instructions on how to get there. The vendors on site don't take cash. You have a wristband that you get coded with whatever amount of money you give them and then you can shop, eat and drink as much as you like. Therefore, a lower risk of having your stuff lifted. Of course, the vendors don't have to worry about workers gleaning off the top here and there. They even had galoshes for sale because with all the rain it's a mud pit out there. If you didn't go to this year's Boryeong mud festival, believe me, there is one right now at Pentatport ;)

I only caught two sets. The Ratios, of course, and The Vines. Both were great! The crowd was crazy, in a good way. They were just really enjoying the music.

Travis is set to take the stage last tonight, but the set isn't scheduled to end until 11:30pm. That's a mass transit nightmare as the subway closes down around 11:30pm, so I headed home after dancing around in the mud to The Vines' music. However, had I actually paid closer attention to the program, I would have stayed to hear The Gossip's set. Their singer is just a bad ass.

I did retire a pair of beloved Nike boots, but was given a pair of plain navy galoshes to skip about in the mud in ;) I was a dirty mess by the time I left, but I did wash the mud off my galoshes in the subway station. However, my pants were caked with mud. Good I had a rain slicker to cover myself up with on the train. There is one more day, so if I go tomorrow I just might pack a change of clothes for the commute back.

Now it's time to watch Becoming Jane because my iPod has just reminded me I've got only 4 days left to watch it :S

Here is the link to the interview.

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