Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Fun Way To Go Out: The Golden Klog Awards

Update: The results are in. I was denied in both, but I heard the race for the blog completely over taken by Obama's run for president was tight ;) I did my best and congrats to the winners.

The results.


Here I am in a local Starbucks with my new (used) laptop putting this baby through the motions (so far so good).

This is as good of a time as ever to talk about The Golden Klog Awards. Klog (Korea plus blog).

My friends over at the Hub of Sparkle have nominated this blog for a couple of their Golden Klog Award categories:

Happiest Korea Blogger, 2008

Korea Blog Most Completely Taken Over by Obama’s Run To The White House, 2008

I think both categories are just about right. I'm pretty happy and my blog was completely focused on Obama's run for president for a big chunk of last year. In fact, I've still got an Obama inauguration banner up...okay, they're totally right about that one ;)

It's cute. It's funny. Most important, it puts the spotlight on a group of people who are doing some good writing here in South Korea.

The fact is as soon as I get back to the States, if I keep this blog going, the focus will shift. However, I'm going to be leaving behind a great group of bloggers to keep it going. In fact, I've even discovered some new K-blogs to link to.

The link to the post is below, check out everyone else and, if you're so inclined, vote for me ;)

The Golden Klog Awards: Survey is Up. Go vote!

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