Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Fun Way To Go Out: The Golden Klog Awards

Update: The results are in. I was denied in both, but I heard the race for the blog completely over taken by Obama's run for president was tight ;) I did my best and congrats to the winners.

The results.


Here I am in a local Starbucks with my new (used) laptop putting this baby through the motions (so far so good).

This is as good of a time as ever to talk about The Golden Klog Awards. Klog (Korea plus blog).

My friends over at the Hub of Sparkle have nominated this blog for a couple of their Golden Klog Award categories:

Happiest Korea Blogger, 2008

Korea Blog Most Completely Taken Over by Obama’s Run To The White House, 2008

I think both categories are just about right. I'm pretty happy and my blog was completely focused on Obama's run for president for a big chunk of last year. In fact, I've still got an Obama inauguration banner up...okay, they're totally right about that one ;)

It's cute. It's funny. Most important, it puts the spotlight on a group of people who are doing some good writing here in South Korea.

The fact is as soon as I get back to the States, if I keep this blog going, the focus will shift. However, I'm going to be leaving behind a great group of bloggers to keep it going. In fact, I've even discovered some new K-blogs to link to.

The link to the post is below, check out everyone else and, if you're so inclined, vote for me ;)

The Golden Klog Awards: Survey is Up. Go vote!

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  1. haha I totally voted for you for the second category. but now that I think about it I should have voted for the first one as well. I really admire your ability to stay positive (at least on the blog) despite setbacks or whatever when other foreigners would get frustrated and blame it on Korea.

  2. Wait...are you saying my blog got political? ;)

    Yeah, it did, at bit...okay, a lot.

    I'm pretty happy too, but I'm just glad that you voted for me.


  3. Hello,

    Do you sell links on your blog, expatjane? If you do I would be interested in purchasing a few links for a fair price. Please email me back with your reply. Thank you for your time.


  4. Now, I refuse to monetize this blog. However, you didn't leave an email for me to let you know that in private.

  5. Hi,
    I came across this blog ( THE BLOG IS NSF and Not Safe for any decent himan being) by a man in Korea, (expat) who seems to be really preying on Korean women. He is also absive. I don't live in Korea and I don't speak Korean, but as a woman, I feel the need to do something. Is there any way we can find out who this guy is? Is there any way someone can just tip off a Women's support group or something about this guy?

    I know that the blogging world of Korean expat is rather intimate, so I am hoping to post this around the expat blogs with the hopes that some women will try to at least get a warning out about this man.


  6. I went to the blog and you're right, it's over the top. I'm not making excuses for whoever it is, but I think this person is pissed off and using the blog as a way to express it. It's been going since 2007.

    I have to admit I've had my "bad Korea days" where I've wanted to create an intentionally offensive blog just to see who'd get all up in arms over it. I didn't do it. Once the liquor wore off so did the interest ;)

    The k-blog network is small but no one is going to admit to being behind this, so I have no clue. I'll publish your comment just so people can go over and have a look for themselves. However, he'll probably end up getting fans that way.

    Some of the posts are saying exactly what a lot of foreigners think. Some of the stuff, while written in a very offensive manner, is pretty much right. For example, Koreans don't have pure blood and it's irritating how they like going on about their purity.

    There is just other stuff in bad taste like dissing Western women because, let me tell you, most of the men here aren't catches either. It's just that they benefit by being foreign to Korean women who've sworn off Korean men or want something different.

    So I don't agree with the approach. The angry, in your face tactic is just going to make enemies and start fights. I just can't take it very seriously. He's not liking it here but for what he's making but he chooses to stay. That's on him.

    I don't take any blog throwing around criticism seriously where the writer is anonymous (except for certain exceptions like maybe whistle blowers who have to stay anonymous for practical reasons.)


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