Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Laura and Euna are out - yeah!

I'm a few hours behind the curve on posting this as I heard the news hours ago.

President Bill Clinton went to Pyongyang to seeking the release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling. It was announced hours ago that he was successful and the two journalists were pardoned.

Last I heard, they're all en route to Los Angeles.

I knew this was going to drag out when I first heard about the story months ago. I felt that someone influential would have to intervene. I think, honestly, Clinton was the best. However, I wonder why Gore didn't go. I mean he's on the board of Current TV. Maybe he tried but there is stuff we're not aware of.

Either way, I'm glad they're out and will be home soon.

Here are some links to some news stories:

CNN: N. Korean leader reportedly pardons U.S. journalists
NYTimes: Clinton Secures Pardon for 2 Americans in North Korea
Washington Post: N. Korea Says Two U.S. Journalists Have Been Pardoned

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  1. I'm happy they are free - i saw it on tv news. I get sad when i think about north korea.

  2. The "dear little leader" needed someone important to use in his dog and pony world-wide show of sticking it to Unlce Sam and an ex-prez beats an ex-veep. I bet he really wanted George Bush the younger, but I doubt G.B. would have agreed to submitting to the humiliation of apologizing to the little man with the big nukes.

    I just hope these two who created all this controversy don't try and cash in after they've probably cost the present President a lot of his bargaining power against this truly evil empire.

  3. John,

    You might be right about the status of the leader. That crossed my mind too.

    It's a given that they're both going to get book deals and that any book about this will be turned into a movie. The fact is people will buy the books and will go see the movie.

  4. The people who were on that videotape of theirs that was seized are suffering because of it, now.

  5. It doesn't surprise me one bit that people are suffering. This is the DPRK, and China wants to focus on its economic boom. It doesn't want to focus on North Korean refugees. Unfortunately, the status quo has been shifted and they have to now.

    I'm glad Laura and Euna are out but now that they are, I can say what I really think. It was 100% irresponsible to put two reporters with no knowledge or experience with the DPRK there in the first place.

    I have seen other reports from the region that talk about and document the stories of North Korea refugees, but I've not seen reporters going right up to the border and risking getting caught. I have read about reporters going to the nearest town and also tagging along with North Korean refugees as they make the dangerous trip down to Thailand.

    Going there and being, frankly, irresponsible to get yet another story to promote the tired human interest slant most of these stories have wasn't worth it. I wonder if the money they'll make from the book deal and mini-series or movie will be 100% donated to support the cause they've made worse?


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