Friday, November 19, 2010

I Interviewed Seth Godin!

This is pretty exciting.

One of my clients got invited to the NextGenCharity Conference here in NY, NY. That invite came via Twitter, which I manage for him. Score!

Anyway, Tony creates a lot of great content targeted to small to mid-sized nonprofits.

In fact, the tagline of his show is, "Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%."

One of those resources is a weekly radio show that he started around the time I started working with him.

Yesterday, he spent most of the day interviewing the NextGen speakers. He had to go to do a speaking engagement of his own around lunchtime.

Wouldn't you know that Seth Godin would be available when Tony was gone. It was either then or never, so I revved up my interview skills and stepped in. Here is the post from Tony's blog and the video.


NextGen:Charity Interview With Seth Godin

Me and Seth Godin at NextGenCharity 2010 in NYC.

Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio sat down with Seth Godin after he came off stage at today's NextGen:Charity Conference. But Tony Martignetti didn't. I had a commitment speaking (proudly) at Bernstein Global Wealth Management at the time Seth was available.

Regina Walton, principal of Organic Social Media, stepped in and talked to Seth so the opportunity was not lost.

He's a bright guy, so take a look at his advice for the nonprofit conversation.

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  1. hi regina! i just recently found your blog and many of your posts are very informative and interesting to read. i have a quick question- since you got your masters from ewha womans university, how was the process in applying and getting accepted? i live in CA and would like to go to grad school in korea, but i only know english and my korean is far from fluent. do you have any suggestions and tips on your experience?

  2. Thanks for your comment Tiffany.

    I'm sure I've talked about Ewha a few times on this blog as it was when I was in that program that I started blogging.

    I've got a search box that searches my blog only on the right. Use it to find the posts on "Ewha" and see what I had to say. I'm not one for rewriting what I've already shared. Yep, I just ran that search and it pulled up over 10 pages of results on my blog.

    I was fine there and enjoyed the friends I made. I did have some run-ins with the deans and a couple of professors. This is particularly because I'd come into the program after being a professor, so it wasn't like they were dealing with a novice. Korean professors are used to students being very compliant and that's really not my style. Koreans, in general, are put off buy nonconformists types, and that's definitely me.

    Read up on what I've had to say and read up on what others have had to say. Then ask questions.

  3. Great job, Regina, as always.

    the Tony who was away when the interview had to be done

  4. Really great interview Regina!


  5. Hey Saul!

    Thanks a lot for stopping by. :)

    Have a great week!

  6. Great finding you online again, Regina.

    You should go into television. Seriously. At least as a sideline, since you have a really natural, easy interview style. And since know you were thrust into this on short notice, it's even more impressive.

    Just saying....

  7. I'm glad that I was found (I'd lost the dang address...ooops.)

    Well, if you know of any casting agents in the NYC-metro region looking for naturals, send them my way. ;)


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