Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson: Pop Culture Fashion Icon

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Michael Jackson: Pop Culture Fashion Icon


When it comes to the world of fashion, both men's and women's, Michael Jackson is fashion icon.

He inspired us to wear loafers and white socks. He inspired us to wear jackets with military details. He inspired us to wear one glittery glove. He inspired a resurgence of aviator glasses too.

You get the picture. We know the looks. You don't need us to list them for you after the jump.

His influence on the world of trends and fashion is simply undeniable.

Additionally, he inspired designers. All you have to do is tune into some of the Twitter streams of those in fashion. Designer Brian Atwood lamented Michael's death as well as Farrah Faucet's passing on Twitter, RIP Farrah and Micahel Jackson...We will remember you both....!! So sad.”

What's great was the symbiotic relationship that Michael had with fashion and that fashion had with Michael.

The best example is the Spring 2009 Balmine collection.


Their military inspired jacket couldn't help but remind you of Michael. Of course, because fashion definitely influences entertainers we saw other celebrities pick up the trend. Now we're seeing a strong 80s-retro feel probably worn best right now by pop diva Rihanna.

However, it's symbiotic in that Michael was a legendary shopper. This year he was photographed wearing pieces from the Balmine collection.

So who inspired whom?

Does it really matter? He drew from the fashion world and they drew from him.

We won't be able to see Michael in the planned bedazzled Swarovski designs for his scheduled “This is It” concert dates. But what we do know is it would have been attention grabbing and influential.

King of Pop, you'll be missed. You'll inspire fashion for years to come.

Rest in Peace, Michael.

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