Saturday, October 10, 2009

Harry Connick Jr Speaks Up About Jackson Blackface Skit in Australia

THIS is what you're supposed to do when you experience stupid racist crap. You're supposed to speak up.

This is a clip from the Associated Press: Australian TV show apologizes for blackface skit

Connick said he would not have appeared on the show if he'd known about the skit.

"I just want to say, on behalf of my country, I know it was done humorously, but we've spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons, that when we see something like that we take it really to heart," he told Somers after his apology.

I'm glad Harry spoke up. That performance was 100% buffoonery. I don't think it was hateful racism. I think it was a true lack of empathy and understanding. We've got to get more of both for everyone!

It reminded me of this incident from a few years back in Korea: Okay, the Bad Side of Korea: "It's not racist; it's a joke!". As far as I know, excuses were made and an apology? Never.

It's got to come from all sides: an awareness of and sensitivity to how others feel.

I say this because I've been in situations when I was abroad where it was mostly foreigners who where going to town with racist generalizations about Koreans. Look, living anywhere that's different and where it's not your country is HARD at times. However, when I saw that stuff, I called them out as going a bit too far down Racist Lane.

Good job Harry and thanks.

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  1. Hateful racism?

    Do you know what hateful means?

    Ans suppose some African-Americans were to do a skit painted white, would there be a backlash against this? Of course not. It's only racist if it's about Negro's.

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate how bad society has been to those not of caucasian descent, and think it is tragic, but to label a show performed by coloured people to be a tribute from FANS of the man as hatefully racist? Please. The world is going PC enough as it is without people liek yourself taking everything that everyone says as a racist comment.

    Wake up, smell the roses, and live your life, don't concern yourself with things you obviously know nothing about from somewhere half the world away.

  2. Yes, hateful racism and, yes, I know what it means.

    However, you're too stupid to read that I said it wasn't hateful. It was a mistake. They thought they were doing something nice, but were unaware they were tapping into a long-standing way to mock black Americans (and Michael Jackson was a black American lest you forget).

    I lived abroad for 8 years and have traveled quite a bit, so don't assume you're talking to one of the Americans that hasn't been out of their hometown much less their country. I have and then some.

    Maybe you should focus on reading comprehension. I'll worry about what I choose to worry about, so maybe you ought to let it be.


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