Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chimamanda Adichie: The Danger of a Single Story

This is a great 20 minute video that I got it via email this morning and am finishing up watching it now. I've GOT to share this.

It's Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a writer, talking about how the single story robs us all of perspective.

Since it also touches on my previous post, which most people got. There is always the tragic exception who wants to call you racist for talking about how race impacts your experience...alas. I appreciate the intelligence and wide scope of vision of those who did get it.

Please share this.

Code still not fixed. Please skip the "read more" link if you're viewing this on the main blog page. (However, if I keep blogging like this, I just might take the time to fix the code.)

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  1. What coincidence, I'm currently reeding Half a Yellow Sun.

  2. I just saw this TED Talk last week. It is so powerful! It does speak to what you previously blogged of. The single story is so devastating. I've been fighting against it for most of my academic career. And yes, I do blog. You can check me out at
    Hope u enjoy the read. I've certainly enjoyed reading your story.

  3. Karine,

    You're smarter than I am. I'd never heard of Ms. Adichie until I got this video. However, now she's definitely on my radar.


    It's truly a great speech. More people need to see it. I'm glad I'm able to share it. I hope folks see it and get the message. Also, thanks for the link to your blog.

  4. Thank you for the video Regina and i went to college with a lady from Nigeria. I will never forget an ignorant girl asking her do they have cars in Africa. My friend Martha being sarcastic said no we walk from Nigeria to Kenya.

    Suffice to say the girl didn't ask any more stupid questions.LOL.PS there is a book called Dead Aid by Dambisa Moya that is excellent. If you think this lady in the video is wonderful definitely check out Dambisa. She straight shut everyone down including Bono who was none too happy about the book.

  5. They have cars in Africa?!!! Get out of here. ;)


  6. You're welcome! Please make sure to share it with folks. She gave a great talk and I hope it helped people open their minds and POVs.


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