Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The US - ROK Alliance: Healthy Debate or Partisan Politics, Korean Style?

Protestors pack the square in front of Seoul City Hall on Saturday, urging the government to halt plans to take over wartime operational control of Korean troops and revise controversial private school laws. (photo and caption taken from the Digital Chosunilbo website).

In 200,000 Protest in Seoul Against Ruling Government GI Korea writes about the recent protest against the Roh Moo-hyun administration's policy on the US/ROK alliance. I wrote about it a few days ago in Older South Koreans Support the USA - ROK Alliance.

I'm just linking to this because I'm with the South Korean conservatives on this issue. I think just about anyone who looks at the politics in the region sides with them too.

I've had a few spirited moments in class where I've been pretty angry about what I've seen here considering that such a large number of foreigners from all over the world have sacrificed, lost their lives and had their blood shed on Korean soil.

GI Korea sums it up nicely:

I think it is starting to sink into many people in the country that Korea is not as important in the grand scheme of things to America as they once thought it was. I think it was a real shock to many that America would be willing to pack up and leave so readily and this massive protest is a response to that. Like I said before this will be a healthy debate within Korean society that is way over do and hopefully it doesn't get lost in a wave of slogans and accusations, but turns into a real debate between leaders in Korea about the future of the country and it's relationship with America.

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