Sunday, March 4, 2007

Curvy Stars of Color

I'm two weeks behind on the buzz around Rounding Off Their Figures written by Robin Givhan for the Washington Post.

In that article Givhan talks about how Hollywood is more forgiving to women of color, read black women and Latinas. However, for white women thin has never been more in. What's interesting is she neglects to mention Asian women at all.

This is probably because her argument is blown right out of the water if you include them. Most female Asian stars are very thin also. This is because of various reasons, and I'm more comfortable with letting an female Asian blogger talk about it because my take on it is definitely from the outside looking in.

Anyway, I'm going to leave the critical analysis to others because, well, they've already done it. I'll just make it easy for you and link them here.

Writers and bloggers weigh in on Givhan's article:

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  1. Well, bring on the curves!
    And I'm not fat. I'm midriff challenged. Especially now when GIRL SCOUT COOKIES are being sold.

    All I could think when I saw all those movie stars coming down the red carpet was, "Hey, they're too skinny!" The girls could have been interchangeable parts!

  2. You couldn't pay me to be as rail thin as some of these stars. There are some that look good, but the majority try to keep up with each other in a contest of "attractive". However, in my world, one pound above emaciated isn't attractive.

    I'm glad the fashion industry is slowly waking up to the problem. When I was young the supermodels were Cindy Crawford and crew. I know their sizes were larger. Now models are a tiny 0 or 2. If that's how a girl is naturally, that's fine. But it seems that so many are trying to be that size through extreme habits.

    That's too bad because it sends a horrible message to young girls.


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