Saturday, April 4, 2009

Travel Recap

Okay, I'm back in San Francisco. After flying down to L.A. to attend the One Splendid Evening concert and sail off on the the Mayercraft Carrier the next day and then staying behind after the cruise to spend some time in my hometown, I think I only managed to loose one thing. I have a glucose meter that is MIA, but 1) I'm pretty sure I know where I left it and 2) I've got two back-up meters.

In terms of the people, one of my roommates from last year roomed with me again. That was fun. I also ran into tons of people that I clicked with last year and ignored the ones that I didn't ;)

I think the best moment for me was waking up in Cabo San Lucas, opening the window and looking straight out on the arches of Land's End. I know, I'm supposed to say something like "being on a cruise with John Mayer!!!" Yes, that was great, but the view that morning was priceless. I'm sure even Mr. Mayer won't be mad at me for ranking a great view as the best part. However, it was a weekend of many great moments.

I only had one truly negative moment. On Tuesday after the cruise, I was on the shuttle heading back to LAX to pick up a rental car. I'd put at least two bags of stuff I'd bought in Cabo San Lucas in the overhead bin along with a box of stuff from the OSE concert. What that meant was it was going to take me a few moments pulling, twisting and tugging to get situated and get off of that bus. I turned to the woman waiting behind me and told her she could go past me if she liked. Don't you know I heard her say as she got off the bus something about how that lady was trying to "rush" her off the bus.

Um, no, you silly cow.

I was saying she could just go around me because I didn't want to hold her up. I was offended because my intention was to be nice. But when people expect to get shit from you, it usually doesn't matter what your intention is, they're going to get shit.

I did think it was funny to be in Mexico and to see things like the Hard Rock Cafe and little cantenas blasting rock n' roll. This isn't a criticism. It was my first time there. Of course, since I loved Van Halen way back when (still do), I knew about Cabo Wabo too. I didn't bother to go in though.

I understand the sort of tourist they're catering to, and that's the reason for Cabo's success. It's about traveling to a resort town and lounging in the sun. "Authentic" would not be the feeling I got from being in Cabo. But sometimes authentic 1) is overrated and 2) isn't want you want. Sometimes people just want to relax somewhere with the creature comforts that they're used to.

Cabo seems the perfect place for that. In fact, that's exactly what I did. I got off the ship, shopped a bit, hired a pedi-taxi take me along the main drag for more shopping and a beer (thanks Gregorio!) and that was it. Then it was back to the ship because, as usual, I was up way late and was exhausted. I slept through the afternoon until the roar of the ship's engines woke me up.

It was lots of fun, lots of music, lots of dancing and, if I can manage it, I'll be back for next year's cruise. I'll be posting all the other blogs I find on it over on The Mayercraft Chronicles. The first post courtesy of the TryJM site is up and more shall follow. However, now I want lunch.

(Just like last year, I'm making no claims to originality; I'm just compiling all the blogs I find in one spot. The goal: I'm trying to help make info easy to find.)

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  1. Hey there!
    It's Christianna from the Herald expat contributor meet-up. I friended you on facebook, but wasn't sure if you were like "who the heck is this chick?". Wanted to drop by your space to say hi. That cruise sounds amazing!
    Hope you're doing well!

  2. Yeah, I saw it and approved it...I think. I totally remembered you. Plus, you're friends with both Matt and Bart ;) Even if I was having a slow day I'd figure it out.

    I've just been going and going for the last week.

    The cruise was a crazy fun time. I hope things are well with you back in Korea too!

  3. I love that you had that view from your room!! I think we have to spring for a balcony room next year. :-) I'm writing a bunch of posts on the trip, you can snag any of them if you would like.

  4. Hey Adriana!

    First, I hope the SD card survived. They often do.

    Balcony rooms are great. The room is still small as hell, but, at least you can sneak out of the room and have a breakfast w/ a view and the sea breeze wgout dealing w/ the whole damn Lido Deck.

    The view was by mere chance. Last year we were on the other side, so this year we chose the opposite side. We might have been facing the hotels.
    As for the blog, I've lost the drive to Google for posts. I think things will be much lighter this time around.


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