Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mayercraft Carrier 2

Just a quick update as I've been a very silent blogger for the last few days.

I'm on the ship again. It's turning out to be as good as last year, but also different. In most ways, that difference is better. Like last year, I probably won't blog too much on it directly. However, I'll compile all the MCC2 blogs I find into one like I did last year. In fact, I'll just continue where I left off. You can check it out at this link: Mayercraft Carrier Chronicles. I've not updated yet. Wi-fi access on the ship doesn't come cheap. (However, trick to all you cruisers – write your emails, replies, messages, blogs, etc. before you log on.)

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  1. WOMAN! I am so glad we got to hang out and dance! I'll keep you appraised of my blogs about the boat!

  2. It was bad ass hanging out with sane Mayer fans and it was just great to see y'all!

    (Yes, folks some of us are sane, employed, with lives, loves and many other interests besides this funny musician.)

    Keep me posted via email or MySpace. When I get some downtime I'll start posting.


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