Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Book Sales vs. Campaign Donations

Considering the content, it's only right to link to this book, which you can buy at Amazon.com ;-)

The MediaBistro blogs crack me up sometimes.

Check out this bit of snarkiness from the GalleyCat blog:

Any Fool Can Buy a Book, And Many Do

...Anyway, somebody felt a pressing need for a veil of secrecy to inform us that Politico blogger Ben Smith looked into the sales figures for Obama Nation, and according to Nielsen Bookscan, it shifted at least 40,000 copies last week—"vastly outstripp[ing] other recent political titles, notably books critical of John McCain." Smith cites two recent books by David Brock and Matt Welch, neither of which achieved one-tenth of Jerome Corsi's popularity at the cash register.

Of course, if conservatives weren't spending so much money on heavily-marketed books like Obama Nation and David Freddoso's The Case Against Barack Obama, they might have had a little more to give to their actual presidential candidate—but, as it happens, Obama raised nearly twice as much as McCain in July, $52 million to $27 million. It's almost enough to make you wonder about their ability to set financial priorities.


Obama's campaign got almost double the donations that McCain's did, so who cares about 40,000 copies of a biased book? What is funny is that someone went out of their way to anonymously tip them off that sales of anti-Obama books beat anti-McCain books.

Well, um, okay...but at this point, maybe those buying books ought to throw their money behind their candidate and not waste time "anonymously" tipping media blogs.

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