Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blackberry in the house ;)

With one week to go, my Blackberry arrived :) I knew I'd get it today, so I went out and bought an 8GB micro SD card for it yesterday. It's charging now and I'll set it up later. Of course, no calls until I'm back home, but that's going to be in just a few days. Yeah!!!

I'm that much of a geek that I have to be plugged in when I touch down.

Update 1: I went to install the memory card I got for it and saw that it came with, get this, a 256MB card. Hahahahahahahahaha...256MB!!! Yes, I'm geeky enough that 256MB is laughably low memory for me.

The card I have comes with a regular sized SD adapter, so I put the tiny memory card in my camera as a backup.

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  1. That 8 gb one makes me laugh. You should have waited a little longer for the 2 Terabyte ones coming out.

    My current 64 gb card now seems so rotary phone-ish compared to what the future holds.

    John from Daejeon

  2. Heh, yeah. Well, you're down in the fancy science town of Daejeon. Your expectations and needs are probably very high ;)

    I've got a week until I leave. I'll be back in the States in March. 8GB will get me moving. However, I did just load the Blackberry software on my laptop and it found tons more media than 8GB.

    I mos def want that crazy 2TB card. Will you mail it to me in the States?

    Wait, I just checked the specs on my Blackberry model. This phone can't handle a card over 8GB. I made the right call, so enjoy your 64GB and 2TB cards. I, however, have no use for them at the moment. The difference I'm sure is that you're in fancy science town doing fancy science stuff.

    Maybe with the next Blackberry they'll up the memory it can handle, but, for now, they're many bytes behind you dear John in terms of memory capacity.


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