Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crap That I'll Miss: Responsive and Pro-active Utility Companies (and the ease of paying your bills)

Okay, I've not been blogging at all. There is a good reason. I'M MOVING!

However, I have been collecting these things in my head. However, I've got to write this one right now. Why?

Yesterday I needed to make a phone call back home to track down my landlord in San Francisco. I picked up my home phone, called the number and waited for an answer, NOTHING.

Okay, it's not a rush really, so I went on to something else. I tried another number later in the day, nothing. Now this is weird.

So I use my cell phone to call my home phone and it's not ringing and my fax machine isn't ringing either.

Hmmmmmmmmm...did I forget to pay my bill? Nope. But now it's after business hours.

I call Korea Telecom (KT) at 9:07am this morning. I told them that my phone was dead. She took my cell phone number, checked it from her end and called me back at 9:11am. They're also my ISP, so she asked me if my Internet service was up and running. I told her that was fine. She then said she'd send someone out between 10am and 11:30am today.

Usually, I can live with that but today I'm scheduled to be on the radio at 11:30am. I tell her this and she says she'll see what she can do. I get a phone call from a KT repairman at 9:24am. He says he's en route.

He shows up a few minutes later, checks everything, finds a cord that's been snapped, replaces it and my phone is ready to go at around 9:47am. I know this because that's around the time I start playing around on Facebook again and that's the time I started writing this.

So just to summarize: It was less than one hour from my first phone call to KT to a working home phone.

Layer this on top of a week ago when KT was calling me to install a new fiber cable modem. I think they're laying the ground work to upgrade speed across the country to 1 GBPS by 2012. I'll be returning to a country that's just figured out that it's a good idea to install broadband lines throughout the nation.

On top of that, I just pay my bills on the Internet with bank transfers to an account designated just for me (so that when I pay KT knows I've made a payment and credits my account immediately).


When I go home there is no way I'll see that high level of service. That makes me sad.

Bye bye efficient utility service:

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