Saturday, March 7, 2009

Morning Walks and Jet Lag Slugdom

I'm overwhelmingly jet lagged and, for the last two days have given in and taken luxuriously long afternoon naps. This all makes sense because when it's afternoon here, it's the early morning sleeping hours back in Seoul. However, I'm supposed to be adjusting, not indulging.

I thought I'd fight through it today because I took a morning walk from my new place through Golden Gate Park to the coast. The walk generated tears of joy at a couple of points as I used to drive from my old place to the park quite a bit. When I got to Ocean Beach, I decided damn looking like a tourist because it didn't matter. I whipped out my Blackberry and snapped a shot of the view I saw this morning.

I've got nothing else to say; I just wanted to share the shot.

Wish me luck on battling through the urge to nap tomorrow.

I've done a couple of administrative changes. I've changed my time zone and, unfortunately, I think that affects ALL the posts. So the time stamps on everything are PST. Kinda sucky. I also jettisoned the "ExpatJane" handle 'cause well, I'm not an expat now.

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  1. Har, har, har...

    Yeah, I've heard that one a few times already ;) I think I'll just stick with my name, for now.


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