Sunday, March 1, 2009

Repost from the Marmot's Hole: English Teachers and Korean Discrimination in LAT

I'm procrastinating and goofing off on the net when I ought to be packing up.

Anyway, while procrastinating, I found this gem. This is a good one and I'm reposting it because Robert breaks it down with a force that is awesome. I'm closing off comments, so if you've got a comment, take over there. It's just in some tangential way it actually echoes some of what I just said in this post, Confessions.

There’s another thing, too. As bad as the media supposedly is, fucked if I can remember seeing even one op-ed, letter-to-the-editor, etc. written by an English teacher taking said publications to task for their story writing. Sure, I’ve seen it discussed ad nauseum in the Korea Times/Korea Herald, but nowhere Koreans actually read. The fact that this is so may indicate much about the underlying problem — most of those who can bitch in the Chosun Ilbo, etc. don’t feel there’s much to bitch about, and those who bitch the most can’t.
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English Teachers and Korean Discrimination in LAT

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