Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Excellent! "Drinking Like Mad Women" from SlateV

I've never seen Mad Men. Remember I've been away, so cut me some slack. However, I get the concept and, because the show is so good, people talk about it all the time.

However, I regularly listen to Slate's Political Gabfest. A couple of weeks ago Emily Bazelon, a Gabfest co-host and their legal expert, was in the middle of an experiment. She also is an editor for Slate's Double X blog. That blog focuses on news and issues from a women's perspective. Well, they love Mad Men and simply wondered how on Earth the characters on the show got through a full day of productive work drinking the whole time. Therefore, they tried it.

That day Emily had to record the Slate's Political Gabfest. They later titled The Pie-Eyed Gabfest. Emily was amazingly thoughtful and well-spoken. If politics is your thing, check it out: The Pie-Eyed Gabfest (this link is going to try to open iTunes, just so you know.) I was listening to it while running errands, so I was standing in the post office and sitting on the subway giggling. She came off really great. I, in contrast, came off as yet another weirdo laughing to themselves in NYC.

Here is the video covering their Mad Men experiment.

I wonder if they're hiring?

(disregard that "read more" - I've not gone in the fix the code.)

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  1. ROFL. I don't drink and I've never seen madmen but I think this was a great experiment. Shows you how unrealistic TV and movies can be.

  2. It's a pretty hilarious experiment. I think they probably did drink during that era. However, they' probably didn't drink to the extent that they do on the show.

    However, like you, I've never seen the show.

    I just still want to know if XX is hiring ;)


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