Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OMG! OMG! What a great Seoul promo!!! Finally!

It looks like after the disastrous Korea Sparkling madness of last year, they've truly listened to the feedback and got it right.

Now, you still have to know who Rain is to care, but you might get curious.

This has what others lacked. A taste of Korea - you hear Korean language and you have English subtitles. Then you get a bit of English at the end. I felt a little bit of homesickness because I'd made Seoul my home for a few years. So a lot of those lights and sights I've walked past at night. I can't say I feel half as safe here in Manhattan, but I did in Seoul and had a blast most of the time too. (Don't take that as a put down of NYC. You probably have to be slightly crazy to feel safe in NYC...)

Check it out: CNN Vignette | Seoul City Promo

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