Sunday, February 28, 2010

Roasted Prosciutto Wrapped Okra Stuffed with Crab and Chevre

Thanks to Roboseyo posting a link on Facebook to this site recently. He made it very easy for me to indulge in some food porn this morning.

I made myself an spinach, onion and cheese omelet with turkey bacon and my favorite breakfast cereal, grits. However, that wasn't enough for me. I needed some visuals. hit the visual spot. This was my favorite: Roasted Prosciutto Wrapped Okra Stuffed with Crab and Chevre. Can you say "ohmygod, that just looks and sounds incredible!!!"? ;)

I love okra aka lady fingers. It's a soul food staple and is used in many other cuisines too. I grew up with it added to a lot of the veggie dishes that my mom made. I also love prosciutto. This sounds like the ideal cocktail party finger food or appetizer, so I'm sharing.

That just looks incredibly delicious. Click over to the site and, I'm sure, you'll run across a pic of a personal favorite too. Not only are the shots great, but there is a good range of foods on the site.

Eat well and be thankful that you can.

(Again, I've got to fix the code. If you're looking from the main page, the "read more" link leads you to nowhere.)


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