Saturday, May 26, 2012

SFNetSquared Recap: Designing a better world with IDEO.ORG

Sean Hewens from in action at TechSoup.
As a co-host for SFNetSquared Meetup group, I get put on official hosting duty every few months.  On May 8th, it was my turn again.

Here is a recap of the event written by our guest Sean Hewens from SFNetSquared Recap: Designing a better world with IDEO.ORG.   You can read it in full at the link. I posted it on our Tumblr blog last week when I was in NYC, but didn't have time until today to link it here.

Enjoy! If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, feel free to join the SFNetSquared group if you're interested in the intersection of technology and social change. There are groups worldwide though! You can also find out more out NetSquared at their website Thanks to TechSoup for being behind the NetSquared initiative and supporting our Meetups.

Here is the link to the recap of the first SFNetSquared event I hosted with Craig Newmark.


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