Thursday, January 28, 2010

FYI: Comments asking for contact

I got a comment today that asked me for a way to get in touch. I've already put on the side how to contact me: write a comment, include your email and then I'll write you back. Of course, I won't publish the comment, duh. I read all comments before I hit "approve". If you can't do that, you won't hear from me. I took down my email from this blog awhile ago.

I wrote this at the end of the "About Me" section when I took my email down. I will admit that it's a bit hard to find if you don't read it to the end.
Leave a comment to contact me. I hid my email awhile ago. Remember you have to include your email for a reply. (I screen my comments, so I won't publish it to the world, don't worry.) Otherwise, how else will I contact you? Telepathy?
However, if it's a question about my life in Korea, I'd really want you to have taken the time to read the blog posts. You can search on the sidebar for specific topics. Also, listen to the podcast called "Being Black in Korea."

All of that stuff was written for a reason: to share my personal experience of living abroad. Go through that stuff first. If there are questions after that, then track me down. I'm not going to retell the story when I've taken the time to write it down here.

(if you're reading this from the main page, my apologies regarding the "Read More..." link.  It's something I need to fix and haven't had time to for awhile....eventually, I will.)


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WTF?!!! Grrrrrr... code is fixed, sorry about pop-up hell.

Photo By Glenn Campell

Hey everyone.

I just want to write a real short apology for the code bug that made my blog into a pop-up factory.

I didn't know about it until I wrote my January 6th post. I went to check to see if it published and to check for errors when, boom, I got stuck in pop-up hell.

I went to the help forum on Blogger right away and got a reply back. However, being pulled in many directions, I was sure I'd not added a "Tweet This" code to my blog.

Oooops! I was wrong. I added it a few months ago, but had forgotten about it. It seems that that code got hacked. Once I delete it, it was fixed. It was a solution I could have fixed on the 6th but didn't get around to checking for the "Tweet This" code on my blog because I was sure it wasn't there.  I was too busy livin' in the big bad city to put a bit of time into my old blog.

Duh and sorry.

(Now I just need to fix that buggy "read more" page break code and I'll be golden!)



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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Barbara Ehrenreich: The Anti-Secret

I'm basically having a Secret backlash these days. I'm all for positive thinking and even visualization.

However, I'm not for using it to "attract" material items. What about "attracting" world peace and health for all?

Someone introduced this concept to me a couple of years ago. Even then, something didn't feel quite right about it. Life is a balance. Some negative thoughts are good.

I found this clip from The Daily Show and it's great:

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Hard work is great. Positive thinking is great. Delusion and a lack of empathy, however, are not. Most of this just sits a bit too close to blaming the victim, and that makes me very uncomfortable.

More links:


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