Saturday, October 14, 2006

UN Security Council Sanctions North Korea

Nothing much to say on this except that it feels like the same old tepid response from the UN which will not change the situation. As it takes all of the permanent members (P5) to approve a resolution, at least the fact that both China and Russia signed on to it shows some unity among the P5. China and Russia are the closest allies North Korea has right now, but even they can't (or won't) lay the requisite pressure on North Korea to change course on its increasingly dangerous provocations.

The text is linked here. The title is "Non-proliferation/Democratic People’s Republic of Korea" and it's document number "S/RES/1718 (2006)."

Here is a link to the UN webcast archives, so you can see what the various diplomats had to say about the situation: 2006 Archived Webcasts of Security Council Meetings


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    Regarding leaving "the people in peace", I have a right to my opinions just as you have yours and they have theirs. It's called free speech and on the net we have the benefit of being able to mouth off at will. I’ve chosen international politics as my primary subject. I've chosen to do so in as measured and respectful way as possible as I don’t want to be a partisan mud slinger. All perspectives have good points, and I choose to look at them all and go from there.

    In this world of globalization no nation, including mine, can run around making decisions which blatantly disregard the international community without consequences. That’s not to say that nations loose their sovereignty. But again, that’s a discussion for another time. I don't think I've actually revealed or discussed what I think about a nation's right to pursue nuclear technology in relation to North Korea, Iran or any other nation.

    However, the assertion of national sovereignty has to be done considering a much more complex reality. Just look at where simplistic analysis has gotten the Bush administration. Due to their disregard for the international community we’ve lost a lot of what Joseph Nye describes as “soft power.” Who knows when or if the United States will ever get it back? I think we can, but not with the way we're working right now.

    To conclude, it's my blog, and I can write what I want. I wouldn’t dare tell another blogger what to write. If I don’t like a blogger’s perspective, writing style, or subject matter, I don’t go back. If you don’t like mine, move on to another blog closer to your tastes and beliefs. There are literally millions out there.

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