Sunday, October 29, 2006


The Road Less Travelled by Linda Paul -

You know when you're famous, you can say stuff that others say and think, but when you say it people will sit up and notice. It's an interesting result of fame.

Case in point, the latest post on my boy's blog. Granted, the scene is quite dramatic, and, considering the current horrible news, it's bad timing. I've never needed such a violent jolt to get on this topic, but clearly some people do.
Here's the question: what do you change? Whom do you call that you haven't spoken to in years? Whom do you realize has been toxic to your heart and drop with surprising ease? What trips do you cancel, and what trips do you book? What can't you be bothered with anymore? What's the new you like?

Think about that, and then ask one more question. Why not just change it all right now?

(Working on it...)
I live my life like that, which is probably why my life is so massively different from a lot of folks I know. That's not to say it's better, just different. I've made different choices because I know I've been looking at the world from a different perspective.

I remember my mother telling me stories about all of the things she wanted to do, but she never got around to them or never made them explicit goals. I remember her telling me to focus on my education and my goals before settling down, but also instilling in me an appreciation for family. I think I learned that lesson a bit too well as I still break into a cold sweat at the thought of marriage yet, ironically, I still desire it on some level too. Her not reaching for her dreams made a deep impression on me, so much so that I've probably spent a bit too much time focused on goals and not enough on family.

I also remember her forthrightness, and her ability to be candid no matter what. Unlike most people, she knew that even if the truth sometimes hurts, it's even more hurtful to be deceitful. That makes me someone who bristles at deception even when it's done with the best of intentions. I'd rather get the sting from a thwack of honesty than to get it by figuring out out weeks or months down the line that someone lied to preserve my feelings or ego. That candor worked in a positive way too because it made her someone who reached out and hugged me and father for no good reason but that she loved us. Of course, that's the best reason of all.

But with my boy posting that, maybe more will start to see that life is so precious and so short. Maybe some lives will change for the better and more people will make a difference in this world. Maybe the world will be a better place because of it. At a minimum, even if world peace doesn't occur and global warming isn't reversed, maybe some lives will be made better because of it.

Thanks for the reinforcement my celebrity friend.

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