Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wanna Freak Out the Wagukin (외국인)?

Me a long, long time ago.

I was at the store today and told the lady that I had a craving for the high-fat, processed, canned food product that I was buying. Anyway, she said "아기?" or "baby?"

I thought that was code and she was asking me if I was pregnant.

Now I'm a huge commitmentphobe. That's not because of divorce or something tramatic, actually because of a fear of a divorce-induced weltschmerz because my parents had the PERFECT marriage 'till death did they part. (Yes, I know I'm deluding myself here and it certainly wasn't perfect, but Ozzie and Harriet-esqe it was and a phobia is a phobia.)

Anyway, I nearly had a heart attack, but explained that no, I wasn't pregnant. That was accompanied by flashes of matrimony, labor, stretch marks, post-partum depression, spit-up, and what will be a much needed breast lift.

She explained that her grandson likes the product that I was buying, so that's what she was trying to tell me. The cold sweat and steep rise in my blood pressure was all for naught.

It's just another silly moment while living abroad.

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