Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oh those wacky Japanese

This is a funny clip I got from my friend Zen on MySpace.

It's hilarious.


Japanese Mob Scare Prank

I have to say it made me wonder what the heck I'd do if those guys came running towards me when I'm wandering around and exploring in Japan.

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  1. You do realize that there is no way in hell that would've flown in America, right? Somebody would've passed out or gotten knocked out. lol

  2. I don't know. I thought about how that would or wouldn't fly back home.

    I think if you get 100 people pulling a mob scare prank like that, you'd get some of the same responses. Like I was thinking what would happen as a bit done on a university campus. I think students might start running too if they saw a crowd coming towards them that looked like they were fleeing something.

    I just think shows in the US wouldn't do it because, yeah, you might chance upon that crazy dude who packs a weapon, or, in the US that guy they picked up and tossed a few times would file a civil suit for damages.

    It's the same thing I thought with the first Jackass film. They went to Japan to do some of their gags. The funniest one for me was the Party Boy prank. It was a guy who'd go into an electronics store, put in a dance music tape (or CD), strip down a g-string and dance. It was funny shit, but in the US you know he would have gotten punched. There was a another where a guy would just bust out a gong and hit it shocking everyone around him. In the US you know someone would claim to have be traumatized and would sue them.


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