Saturday, May 12, 2007

Black Moms Push Their Kids’ Educational Aspirations More Than White Moms

Time for more stereotype busting.

This is an interesting headline that I came across on a forum go to a lot: Survey: Black Moms Push Their Kids’ Educational Aspirations More Than White Moms

Of the women who took the voluntary survey in November, 74 percent of the black women said their mothers had specific educational goals for them, versus 64 percent of white women.

The survey of 1,010 women also showed that 31 percent of black women expect their children to go on into graduate and professional school, while 20 percent of the white women had the same expectation.

A total of 717 white women responded in the survey, and 293 black women responded.
The tone of the thread seem to express some surprise over the results of this survey.

I know my mother did. I don't see why that's a surprise.

For white mothers, the system is on their side. They expect their children to be educated and, in general, aren't worried that their kids are going to fall through the cracks.

Also, it's an issue of social-economic class. If you come from an educated upper-middle class white-collar family you're going to expect your kids to follow in that example. However, in American most whites aren't in that demographic. We're talking about averages and normal curves here. The average white people I know who grew up in the same social-economic class than me, lower middle class, aren't as educated as I am.

However, you hear story after story of the black people who came from poor and modest backgrounds but got their education and are now professionals, white-collar workers and above. That's huge, but we don't give enough credit to people when it happens because we're too busy focusing on the negative stuff. The stereotypes show blacks as anything but educated and hard-working.

So, I say again, thank you so very much mom. I miss you, and I love you.

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