Monday, May 7, 2007

I Want To Be A Popstar

Jamie Cullum 2004 taken by Kerry Brown

I'm reading like a mad woman trying to gleen more information for my thesis as the first evaluation draft is due next week.

However, to do that I have to tune people out as I'm stuck in the computer lab today. So I fired up my PDA's MP3 player and let the tunes rip.

I have it on random play and Jamie Cullum's I Want To Be A Popstar from his Pointless Nostalgic album came on. I love the lyrics. I looked them up on and decided to share them.

Now it's back to work for me.


I Want To Be A Popstar by Jamie Cullum

Why is it all these fakers
Seem to make the morning papers?
They're selling records by the million, seems so easy in my opinion
Look at the Jazz Star, he really needs some guts
Playing from seven to midnight, surviving on peanuts
Selling records by the dozen
Probably sold his tenor to make 'em
With artwork designed by his brother
And liner notes by his mother

Told what to do, miming to a tape
While a team of experts make sure you're looking great
Taking a limo to your own private bar
My God! I want to be a popstar!

Going to get on the T.V and go on dates with only the pretty
Maybe next year I'll pretend to be gay
I'll sell some more records in a flash that way
Makes no difference if i look like a nut
Every kid in the world is going to copy my haircut
I'll advertise some trainers, maybe even a car
Shrewd product placement will gurantee I'm a star
An ugly guy will write my songs
Surley there is nothing wrong
Retiring when I'm 22
With a house a car and nothing to do

Instantaneous satisfaction it will be
Got no need for artistic credibility
With this attitude I'm pretty sure to go far
My God! I want to be a popstar!

Maybe its too easy, to move so quickly so far
I want to be a popstar!

Where's the middle ground?
It's hard to make a living with you own true sound
What road am I going to tread?
What the hell would i do instead?

There may be no tours in Roma, or a drug-induced designer coma
No teenage girls when show is over, I prefer my women older
Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about
Sometimes it would be nice to play a place and sell out
Driving to a gig in my brand new sports car
My God! I want to be a popstar!
I want to be a popstar!

Maybe its too easy, to move so quickly so far
Who wants to be a popstar?

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  1. I think it's very interesting that you, as an African American person in Korea, complain about racism against blacks in Korea, and I, as a Korean American, encounter racism almost ALWAYS from blacks. When my 7 year old boy comes home and asks me, "dad, why do black kids always make fun of Asian people?" What am I supposed to tell them? What goes around, comes around I guess. Why can't people just all get along?

  2. What I think is interesting is that while you experience racism from black people and I experience racism from Koreans that somehow when I discuss how racism impacts me that's not a denial that my own people do it.

    The issues aren't a contest. It's not about black people are more racist than Koreans or vice versa. Just because some of my own people have short sighted and intolerant views doesn't silence me on the issue when I get it from others.

    I'll be the first to admit that blacks can be very racist. I think it's because if you experience it as a people and you're a target of it, it's self-replicating. It's thinking of everyone's out to get you when it's pretty much been the case since slavery that people were out to get you. There is also lingering resentment from some blacks who view the success of Asians in America through a zero-sum lens as taking something away from them.

    Honestly, I think it's really naive to imply that racism is primarily coming from blacks. Blacks have such a marginalized power base that racism from them is pretty insignificant. It certainly doesn't make it right, but I'm much more concerned when my boss might be racist than if the person next to me on the bus is a racist. Racism from the establishment where it's tied to power is much more insidious and since it's systemic white people don't have to verbalize it to put it into effect.

    If your son is going to school with black kids who are racist, I say talk to their teachers and parents and try to be proactive about it. Someone has to try to solve the problem.

    Making comments in the wrong section of my blog doesn't really do much to fight it. Does it?

    Sorry, but I'll continue to speak up where I see it and that goes for when it comes from Koreans, blacks or whites.

  3. expatjane, I wasn't talking to you. The word "your" wasn't referring to you. I actually agree with most of the things you said. Looking at your profile, I think you're a very well-educated and open-mineded person. You're probably the only black girl I know who listens to heavy metal and country. I was talking about the real arrogant foreigners (especially Americans, you must have seen them).
    My the way, I'm not the same "anonymous" who wrote ablove. I'm the anonymous from Stranger in Suwon.

  4. Yeah, well that's the problem with all you anonymous people. Who knows who you are?

    Actually, if you look you'd be surprised at the range of music appreciation out there amoung black females.

    I might not be the norm, but I'm also not an extreme exception.


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