Saturday, May 19, 2007

Writer's Block Sucks: Here Are Some Helpful Links

Update: June 6, 2007 @ 10:16pm

I got two of my three thesis evaluations back and I passed. So now it's just revise the crap I turned in. The pressure is actually off now, as I'm done. Now I can worry about making it good. But first I have to worry about two finals on the same day :(


Okay, you'd think that since I write all of the time this thesis would just flow like water. Um...nope. The comic above from PhD Comics pretty much says it all.

I'm about halfway there, but I've been in writer's block hell for about two days. Since I'm writing freely and easily now I know this is my horrible perfectionist streak kicking in. The reality is that when I think about how much I need to write freaks me out. And, get this, I got an article published in law school. There is no need for this, but all the logic in the world can't snap me out of it, so I'm searching around the net for help.

Now it's time for me to force my way out of it. Once I start going, no problem. I just need to start. However, I know I'm not the only person out there freaking out. As a service to others searching the net I'm going to compile the useful links I find here for all of us.

The first four have writer's block solutions. The fifth is just a cute article. The last two give research tutorials and writing tips.

Good luck! We can do this.

  1. MIT: Writing a Thesis (section H deals with writer's block)
  2. Reed College: Helping Students with Writer's Block
  3. Purdue's Online Writing Lab: Overcoming Writers Block
  4. Capital Community College: Overcoming Writer's Block
  5. The Daily Bruin (UCLA's Daily Newspaper): Mission Impossible - Not big on advice but it's somewhat funny.
  6. UCLA College Library: Road to Research (a bit too basic for me but a tutorial to help you hone your research skills - crucial with academic writing)
  7. UC Berkeley: Writing Resources

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