Friday, January 11, 2008

Snowy Day...Yeah!

I'm a born and raised L.A. girl, but I've come to love snow days.

Me on the way home from work this evening.

I woke up early to finish my first Expat Living article. I heard thunder and it was darker than usual out I could tell. However, I assumed it was rain. I got ready for work and opened the door to see snow!

I knew my commute would be amusing but I knew that EVERYONE'S commute would be the same. Traffic was so bad that I walked from the subway station to my moonlighting gig because traffic was so slow that the autos just weren't moving at all. I actually beat the mini-bus that drops me near where I'm working. I also learned that the snow plow move works not only with skiing but with walking ;)

The walk home...purdy

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