Sunday, January 13, 2008

Now THIS is rude

I saw this on the FeetManSeoul website and I have to post it here.

Okay, the next time you're cornered by Koreans telling you how "kind" they are as if that should earn the whole race of them a badge of honor show them this.

Stay patient until around the :43 second mark.

It's rude on rude. I feel for the bride, I really do.

Moral: Some Koreans might be "kind" but others are the rudest and most inconsiderate people I've ever encountered. She was so focused getting back to her seat that, what, she neglected to notice the bride was walking down the damn aisle?

The range of human qualities from good to bad are present in Koreans just as it's present in all people.

It's also kind of funny, but it's so over the top on the rude scale that I find it hard to laugh.

Here is a good spoof that mentions how "kind" Koreans are. Some are, but some most definitely aren't.

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  1. Oh, that's easy to explain. She's an old Korean woman who has lived too long and been through so much crap to give a rats behind what people think of her anymore.

  2. Yeah, that goes for a good number of them, I guess.

    These old women will knock you over to get on a bus to go two stops. It's just using the same m.o. at a wedding to trample on the bride is just shitty. I don't care how old you are ;)

    Should I live that long I'll have a wealth of life experience enough to be an ass too. Yeah!


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