Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ExpatJane In Her Native Habitat

In Santa Monica, California shopping for shoes at the Steve Madden store.

Take care. I'm on vacae!!!

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  1. Funny. I started calling you last night to ask for a restaurant recommendation near Ewha. Then I remembered you weren't in the freakin' country.

    Hopefully that'll be me in March.

  2. Oh, I've got a few restaurant recommendations for E-dae. However, yeah, you'd have to email me and give me about one day turn around time.

    "Hopefully", dude, book the damn ticket and axe the hopefully part.

    I've got a long day ahead and I leave for Miami early tomorrow! Yeah!!!!!

  3. Miami?! Oh, the nostalgia!

    I lived there when I was 17, on Brickell Avenue, near the Biscayne Bay. Miami for me represents freedom.

  4. Miami was the land of feral and scary people for me. My hotel sucked. The locals were cranky (or maybe that was actually the tourists). I got happy when I finally got on the ship.

    I'm glad your memories were positive. The one day I had showed me that, next time, I need to stay in South Beach exclusively.


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