Thursday, October 12, 2006 - I look like who?!

I swear I'm not writing this because John Mayer wrote about this a few days ago. Honestly, I had no idea because I've been simultaneously swamped with both work and school.

I only just discovered he wrote about it too a day or so ago when I went to his MySpace page. I think what's happening is a lot of MySpace users are converging on the site and uploading their pictures to discover what claims are their so-called celebrity look alikes. That, in turn, is driving other MySpace users to the cite.

Hence, why he's blogging about it as well as others at virtually the same time.

Okay, with that out of the way, I went a few days ago and ran picture after picture as I've managed to collect quite a few in my time. Plus, playing with that site is much more productive than say studying or working on school projects...not.

Here are three of my look alike collages:

My take on this is it's more about your pose and your facial expression. Maybe it has something to do with the relative distances of your facial features as certain celebs have come up a few times over. However, it's pretty clear that similar poses and big grins will pull up photos where the celeb is doing the same. I tend to smile broadly in photos.

Mayer's blog post, however, does come in handy for this observation. If you check out his blog, you can see that he's not a big smiler (at least not in the picture he used on and got matched with two photos that had similar, more serious, less smiley shots. has matched me thrice both Keira Knightley and Jamie Lynn Spears...hahahahahaha. Come on, I bear no resemblance whatsoever to either one, but randomness like that is what makes it funny.

I think the closest matches are Xzibit, that guy could be my brother, and Sarah Vaughan.

Try it out for yourself as it's, sometimes ridiculous, but fun.

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  1. hahaha.. what i love about this place is that allmost every photo reaps a different result.

    allso, try uploading the same photo after a few months (after the database has been updated) and you'll get a different result.

    too funny. Great time-waster!

  2. Hey Renee, thanks for your comment.

    It's an incredible time waster. However, after three photos that varied totally depending on my pose, I'm over it ;-)


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