Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Playing around with Tint!

I found a new social application, Tint, that lets you integrate your various social streams into one layout. I think it's great. Here is how it looks with my Pinterest and Instagram streams. (I'm much more active on Pinterest these days, but came back to Instagram when they added video.)

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  1. I was browsing your blog through my mobile and after reading your post, I saw your about me. You have been to many places and I am happy that people like you are so interesting :) please share your experiences more with your blog readers and please update your blog more frequently. It will be so much good to read more about your thoughts :)

  2. Thanks Tushar.

    The problem is now I'm busier than ever, so updating my old blog that I started when I lived in Seoul isn't high on my list. I'm glad you and others still find it and take the time to browse through it. That's great!

  3. You are welcome :) I hope you are doing well in this busy life and best wishes for your pursuit of happiness :)


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