Sunday, November 5, 2006

Kanye West is a Damn Crybaby Reloaded

Okay, I usually ignore most entertainment stories, but this is damn pathetic.

Kanye West's antics at the MTV Europe Music Awards was just ridiculous and took away almost all the good PR he earned with the Hurricane Katrina outburst (come on, you know that's what a lot of folks were thinking...he just said it.)

But this "I spent a million dollars" and "Pamela Anderson" shit is embarassing. First, who says that money and cheap ass gimicks beat creativity? Second, why would you expect folks in Europe to have an appreciation for the lame hip-hop "money equals success" approach to entertainment and marketing?

Anyway, here are two links from the What Would Tyler Durden Do? blog that sum it up for me:

Kayne, this is one time where shutting up would have been a very good idea.

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  1. I heard about Kanye's antics. Talk about someone who is full of themselves. I don't have anything against him but he really needs a reality check. It's not all about Kanye.


  2. Hey LB,

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your comment.

    It's one thing to be confident. It's another to be arrogant and rude.

    He's entitled to his opinion that his video was the best and should have received the award. There are, however, better ways to discuss it. In jumping onstage when the winner's reps were receiving the award and crying about not winning, he basically pissed on the moment the other artists had.

    So outside of being a crybaby, he's a selfish crybaby who ruins the party for everyone when he doesn't get his way.

  3. thank you for saying what everyone is thinking.

    i wrote about kanye on my blog too...and i found you b/c we're both blogging chicks.

    this is a very nice-looking blog!

  4. Hey thanks! Sorry it's taken me a few days to comment, but I commented before and it didn't get saved. Then I took off to Tokyo.

    Anyway, he's a total crybaby and I know I'm not the only one who commented about it. I've yet to check out your blog, but now that I'm back in my routine (or will be tomorrow), I'll check it out.

    I mean I understand that even bad press is good when folks are talking about you. However, this is insured that it's going to take a damn good reason for me to put out any cash on anything West is selling.


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