Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Michael Richards Channels Mel Gibson

Wow! You know I'm glad that in the week after I decided it's time to wind down and possibly pack up and move back home to L.A. that two events happen there to make me wonder if maybe not moving back would be a better idea.

The first is directly below. That's the UCLA student who got a taser taken to him a few times by the UCPD on campus at Powell Library.

Now we have another over the top event. Michael Richards from Seinfeld lost his temper while on stage performing at the Laugh Factory. He was being heckled, and he called them "niggers" because they happened to be black hecklers. In addition to using that racial epithet, he said other things that were downright offensive.

I thought hecklers were par for the course when you do stand-up, so shouldn't he be used to it by now?

Anyway, here is the clip that incident that being sent all over the Internet:

Needless to say, I was really shocked to see him go off like that. I think he was trying to make it seem like he was pushing the envelop in terms of humor, but it seems it is more rage than anything close to comedic wit.

I decided to post it when I saw his apology during Seinfeld's appearance on The Late Show.

Here is that clip:

I do think Letterman's question to Richards about what he would have done had the hecklers been of another race was a good question to ask.

His apology was the least he could do. Talking about race relations and Katrina fell flat for me. Those issues are the ones he should have thought of BEFORE he snapped.

It was horrible and wrong of him to say what he said. I don't care if these guys had been mooning him from their seats.

From my perspective, there isn't much he can say. The "I'm sorry" doesn't change that he showed his true colors that evening. What's interesting is in both the Richards incident and the Gibson one both claim that they will take “necessary steps to ensure my return to health” or that they need "personal work."

That very well might be true. However, isn't it more probable that they're just racists or bigots?

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