Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reactions to Michael Richards' Outburst

picture found at this link at Pretty on the Outside

Update, Sunday, November 26th (Saturday, November 25th for you all in North America): Richards To Appear On Jesse Jackson Show - Richards will appear on Jesse Jackson's syndicated radio show. I'll be exploring so I can find a radio station that broadcasts over the net. I've gotta hear how Richards' explains this.


I was going to add these to the Michael Richards Channels Mel Gibson post below. However, I know there will be more and there is a risk that the post will just be overwhelmed with tons of links and video clips. So, instead of adding new clips to the first post, I've created this one. I'll cross link posts for the sake of easy navigation.

Reactions to Michael Richards' Outburst (thanks to my cousin Leisa for the first two):

1. I knew I linked to Margaret Cho for a reason. Here is a perspective from a female, minority comic: Michael Richards

2. Sinbad, a comedian, weighs in

Comedian Sinbad weighs in (@ - just click on the link. It works best with Internet Explorer.)

I'm particularly impressed with what Sinbad had to say because he echoed what I said about racism in my podcast on Korea. Essentially, it's this. We're used to racism, so it doesn't surprise us when it happens. We see it as more of what was there all along finally coming out.

We’re a minority, man I ain’t shocked ...

I can believe he said it. I can believe that people can go there.
Sinbad is also dead-on with his observation quoting Martin Luther King when he said you get to know the true nature of people when you see them under pressure.

3. Paul Mooney, a comedian, weighs in (a hilarious racial joke at the end just to show you CAN deliver a racial joke without offending the whole room)

4. CNN - Daryl Pitts, an audience member, and comedian, Paul Rodriguez, weigh in

5. CNN - Reverend Al Sharpton weighs in

Spoof and Satire:

1. From in Jerry Stick a Fork in Me...I'm Done they've linked this video:
Well in the true spirit of parody, a YouTuber created a short pilot for what a racist ‘Kramer’ mini series would look like using a clip from an old Seinfeld show spliced with the now infamous KKKramer TMZ video and created this bastard child complete with the Seinfeld theme and a mortified Jerry.

2. The KKKramer Rap!'s so disturbing that I had to share it! Thanks to for posting it.

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