Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stressed: Music Selections

I'm keeping it fun because I'm in a foul mood right now. It's finals stress. I have two big projects and the corresponding papers due next week. They're both group projects, so it means a ton of work and coordinating with everyone so that things come together as smoothly as possible. There is just way too much going on.

What keeps me sane during these times is music, so let me share some artists helping to keep me sane. I'll just link to their MySpace pages because I don't even have time to link videos.

Jonny Lang - I really like his "Thankful" song. It's on his MySpace profile, so take a listen. (Thanks to Martin W. for turning me on to this artist.)

Keane - I'm listening to both Hopes and Fears and Under the Iron Sea. In fact, I think I'll fire up Under the Iron Sea right now.

Mary J. Blige - I'm listening to her AMA winning album, The Breakthrough. I'm playing "Be Without You" over and over on my PDA. That's on her MySpace profile.

Jamie Cullum - He's amazing. All of his CDs are on my PDA and are in heavy rotation.

Alicia Keys
- Her Unplugged album is just great.

John Legend - His new album, Once Again, is a good groove.

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