Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Visited Countries - So Many Countries, So Little Time

Okay, I'm shifting gears (I'm also procrastinating because I should be working on a final project for one of my classes.) I'm sick of the serious topics, so here is something a bit more fun.

I discovered the World66 website through another blogger, but forgot who. (Whoever you are, sorry, but when I remember I'll update this post.) On that site you can create a map that shows the countries you've visited.

It's really cute. All you do is go to the website and tick the countries you've visited. Now I realize that I still have tons of places to travel to. But, comparatively speaking, I'm going to say "not bad" regarding where I've gone so far.***

The scary thing is I've only been to 14, or 6%, out of 193 countries that the US Department of State recognizes. Plus, there are continents that I've yet to touch.

I still have a huge number of frequent flier miles to accumulate. I'm tempted to go on a mad backpacking spree. However, honestly, I hate to sound like a Princess, but roughing it really isn't my thing.

create your own visited country map
or check our Venice travel guide

*** - I'm comparing myself to the average American whom most argue will never have passport.

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