Monday, April 2, 2007

FTA Protests? 어디?

Okay, I should be sleeping. It's almost midnight and I have to go to work tomorrow.

However, I was on my way home from school and I usually transfer at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts at Gwanhwamun here in Seoul. I knew the FTA negotiations were wrapping up but when I checked around lunch there was nothing new.

Now any coverage I've seen about the FTA negotiations have highlighted all the protests. Now that's fine, but the problem is I live near where the negotiations took place. I saw a swarm of police everywhere. I didn't see any rabid protesters. I know they were around town. They just weren't at the Seoul Grand Hyatt.

I did see a protest on the way home. However, by that time an agreement had been worked out. It still needs to be approved by the legislatures of both countries, but it's done.

Anyway, here is the picture of a very small protest at Sejong Center around 9:45pm, April 2nd.

April 6, 2007 - 8:50pm

Just an update a few days later. I was on my way home again on a Friday night at the same bus stop. The FTA protesters are still there, but the group was maybe a quarter of the size it was on Monday evening. However, the fun part was that only in Korea do you have a protest where you'll see three young men performing a choreographed dance routine to pop music.

I have to say living here makes me smile quite a bit.

A week later - nothin', nada, zlich.

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