Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rise and Shine Challenge

Oh man...why did I agree to do this?

Over at the Citizen of the Month, Neil got a request to take a picture of himself right after he woke up: Come Saturday Morning. This came from Jessica at the Daugther of Opinion blog's Rise and Shine challenge. The problem is she looks great in the morning: Jessica's Rise and Shine picture

I, on the other hand, tend to sleep with my face in the pillow. I don't know why I find that the best sleeping posture. What it means is when I wake up my face is completely puffy and askew because you can't sleep completely face first, so I end up sleeping with one half to three quarters of my face on the pillow. I also go to sleep with a scarf on my head which is never there in the morning, so why do I bother?

Anyway, I took my rise and shine photo as soon as I woke up this morning with my camera phone. Okay, yesterday morning as it's almost 1am here.

It came out really dark because it was early and still somewhat dark outside. The auto adjust on my photo software lightened it up a bit.

Anyway, fine...here it is:

Yes, you can totally see the askew face first sleeper face there. I'm just glad my other pictures show I can scrub up somewhat nicely.Okay, now I need some good topics to blog to push this blog off the page.

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  1. I love it! Thanks for being a sport - I'm adding your link to the list of participants....great shot!

  2. I'm a sport or just a chump.

    But it's good. Posting it isn't as traumatic as I thought it would be. Maybe that was the point of the challenge.

    Thanks ;-)

  3. Hey, you came out better than I did. But screw that Jessica for looking so perfect when she wakes up!

    (and I like your cool sheets)

  4. Hahahahaha! She photographed well that morning, but I'm convinced it's a conspiracy after seeing some of the other photos ;-)

  5. It's probably more that I'm completely crazy, but I'll take brave ;-)


  6. In a carefully worded statement, ExPat Jane revealed shocking new details about her possible appearance on her blog shortly after she awake. This raised questions about the link of her use of beauty products before she went to bed.

    Next up, experts fear that Jane's use of moisturizer and lip balm will result in an unprecedented rush to the drug stores by legions of followers so that they will attain that youthful glow too. Suppliers have pledged to meet the demand for the anticipated rush.

    More story at 11.

  7. That's funny although I think it's better suited to Jessica's picture. ;-)

    My goodness, did you see it? She looks great!


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