Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Scatterbrained Calendaring: Yeah!

I'm overzealous this term due to sheer paranoia that because my work and school schedules when put together are so intense that something will go horribly wrong, and I'll flunk out my last term. I also really am just busy because I'm at work four days a week. The one day I have class I have to rush from the two morning courses I teach to then attend class in the afternoon and evening. I also spend pretty much all of the weekend reading, writing or studying.

However, I chose it, and, while my schedule was lighter, I did do it last term. I think the fact that it's my final term turns up the paranoia level for me. The logical side of my brain has gone through it step-by-step and is secure that short of the apocalypse all will be fine. However, it's the emotional or the survival mode side is motivating me. That paranoia has lead me to a pretty funny mistake I made regarding this week's schedule.

This week the college I work for has midterms and no classes. However, my program also has no classes but also no midterms because of a special workshop. For some reason I thought my second midterm was today. I realized last night as I was taking the subway home from my office that the midterm is NEXT week! Yeah!

Of course, I had my professor confirm it, just in case somehow I was wrong because I did have it calendared on two consecutive weeks.

I crack myself up. This is good because I've already done most of the studying I need. Most importantly, mentally, even though I must shift gears and dive into work on my thesis today, I feel like I have a bit of a mini-vacation!

Okay, time for me to see if there is any edible food in my fridge. The bad side of being so busy also means I usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on the go.

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