Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Dance Over Here Too!

Happy dance time!!!

If you look over to the sidebar of my blog you'll see that I had the idea for a new blog due to the Stepha Henry case. But it wasn't me behind creating the blog.

I just said that if we were frustrated that missing person's cases didn't get out there, and this is particularly so if the missing person is a minority, then we should stop complaining and help to get the news out there. I was busy with my thesis at the time, but planned on doing something once my schedule lightened up. But MLH, my blogging partner on that site, took the initiative and started it and I came on about a week later.

So that's how Missing Minorities was born.

Anyway, we've been nominated for the Just Post Award. And, seriously, it's really nice just to have been recognized and nominated. So click over to Missing Minorities and then, from there, to Just Post. There are a few ladies doing some nice stuff.

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