Saturday, February 2, 2008

ExpatJane's Report from the Mayercraft Carrier!!!

Hey everyone. I'm being an expat in a different country!!!

I'm checking in from Freeport, Bahamas where the Mayercraft Carrier cruise ship has docked for the day.

To my friends who've asked, yes, I've seen John Mayer. Yes, I've been in the same room with and in close proximity to him. Beyond that, I'm keeping it zipped and I'll report back when all is said and done.

There is a big 80s party tonight on the ship. Yes, THAT's been the inspiration for all the 80s videos.

My outfit: Pretty in Pink, overkill ;-)

Let's just say I'm having a great time and didn't get to bed until 7:30am this morning. Yes, there is a reason there is no picture with this post.

A bientôt my readers.

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  1. you really meet john? thats freakin awesome.. i really want some memorabilia like an autograph or something. hell im wanting to sign my guitar which is pretty impossible because im in the philippines and he did not had any shows here! his such a big influence on my guitar playing today.. man is god!!

  2. I didn't meet him. There were tons of folks on that cruise. Unfortunately, there were also people who couldn't control themselves and, I think, that made it bad for the cruise overall. He was very clear that he wanted to be free to walk around, but the moment he'd enter a room folks would swarm around him. It was bad and, unless it was a concert where he was performing, I got in the habit of leaving when he was in the same space. Some people simply don't know how to act.

    There was a special session Q & A session for L-83 members. That was a lot of fun. He was funny and it was clear he was enjoying the cruise.

    It was a big and very fun party for a handful of days.

    He's a great guitarist, for sure


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