Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just Kidding Films...ahahahahaha

Okay, I have to say I'm not sure how much someone who hasn't lived in Korea will get this, BUT if you have, get ready to laugh your ass off.

The whole "Koreans are nice people" while juxtaposed with the anger and insecurity Korean culture has is played out so well here. Plus, as they say, Koreans only beat their wives...ouch.

It's really funny to hear a Korean tell me they're so nice like it's worthy of a medal. This is particularly so when en route to meet that person you got shoved out of the way maybe 3 or 4 times by little Korean women who just had to get on the bus before you. I always reply that, yes, Koreans are nice but there are nice people in every culture.

These guys nail the bizarre ranting ajosshi. How many times have I witnessed the "Korea #1" rants? Many. They're just funny although sometimes scary. I know what's behind it, so I just try to take it in stride. These guys spoofed it well.

More from them:
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Thanks ZenKimchi for posting this.

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