Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New York, NY: Jazz in the City

I'm absolutely exhausted from the Mayercraft. I arrived at LaGuardia airport just before 5pm. And surprise, surprise. I ended up sitting next to a couple from Korea who are vacation here. Of course, they nearly fell over to hear me ask them if they were Korean in Korean, but it ended up being a fun conversation. Having packed way too much, as usual, I wasn't going to lug my two suitcases via NYC mass transit. Instead, I Super Shuttled it (yes, I made that a verb...deal with it.)

Lucky me as I had the privilege to meet and speak to Mizan Nunes while we were en route to our destinations. My intention was to head to S-Mac for dinner, but I got there to see them moving furniture around rather than serving food. Awwwww, bummer. Instead, I got New York pizza by the slice and that was just dreamy.

Eventually, I made my way over to the Zinc Bar because I'm so partied out from the Mayercraft that doing anything but sipping a cocktail and listening to music is simply beyond me. I walked in in the middle of Deb Silver's set and ordered a cocktail. Her voice is simply melodic and her style is classy. I realized that, yes, I was indeed back in New York. Now I realize I'm no music expert, but I know what I like and I liked her. I liked what I heard so much that I bought her CDs and I can't wait to get them on my iPod.

Her vocals were accompained by Ron Affif who jammed later with his trio and other amazing musicians. It was great talking to him because he's traveled to Korea to perform. However, when it got to the point that one would do a lengthy jazz solo while I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I realized it is indeed time for me to turn in and get some sleep.

With that said, that's exactly what I'll do. Over and out.

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