Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Podcast with the Metropoltician: Korean Wave Ebbing

A bird's eye view of Hallyu-wood (thank God that lame-brained plan was scrapped).

I'm finally recovering from the worst jet lag ever.

I think it has a lot to do with the crazy travel schedule I had.

Basically, I went from Seoul, to L.A., to Miami, to the Bahamas, to NYC, back to L.A. and then up to San Francisco in three weeks. I adjusted to the time zone in California just fine and spent most of my time there, but, for some reason, adjusting back has been just brutal. I think this is the first day where I've not napped.

However, beyond that I've not gotten much done.

In the useless cycle of web surfing that I was doing I did notice that I'm on another podcast over at the Metropolitician's blog and I didn't link it here.

Here it is. This one is about the Korean Wave and how it's ebbing.

There are many reasons for it and I lack the skill to be meaningful, understandable, or well-spoken on the issue right now.

All I want to do is nap, but I think the jet lagged excuse can only last for a week or so, so I've got to just get over it.

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