Monday, February 4, 2008

Back in Miami

I'm just checking in real quick.

The Mayercraft docked in Miami today and now I'm here in Miami International Airport waiting for my flight to New York City.

The cruise was amazing! I'll upload pictures later. My 80s prom outfit was a hoot!

As I've said before, John Mayer is a good soul and an awesome musician. Now I can add amazing party host to that list!

I want to thank him and all involved for throwing a mad fun music party. I'm now a Martin Sexton fan for sure. I saw him play two shows on the cruise and during John's show he came out during the encore. I'm just glad I can say that I was one of just a few who got to experience the first Mayercraft cruise.

Yes, the man himself has set the buzz going that there will be others and, hell yes, I'll be coming back.

The folks over at TryJM have been linking the blogs that have come up on it, so check it out there. By the time I get around to updating this and my other post it will be a couple of weeks behind the curve.

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