Friday, February 29, 2008

The Sex And The City Movie Preview....Yeahhhhhhhh!

I heard about it from PopSugar.

Ohmygod! I'm so excited! (Yes, I do sound like that in real life.)

My fear is censors will hack it to bits here in Korea (but maybe they won't...we'll see.) The show is on late at night here, but since I have all the episodes I don't bother to watch it on TV.

Also, here is a nice blog about it from Jezebel: OMG! It's The Sex And The City Movie Trailer!

However, I'm really disappointed in this from the Jezebel blog - Because female genital mutilation is funny (how disappointing)

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  1. I'm looking forward to the film. I'm enjoying your blog and reading about your life abroad. Sex and The City was so much fun to watch and I think the movie is going to be hilarious.

    I'll also be watching from my hometown of NYC!

  2. The only time I have hometown-envy is when people are from NYC.

    I'm from L.A., so my hometown is pretty cool, but having NYC as your hometown is the pinnacle of hometowns if you're a city type like me. I'm envious and I hate you ;)

  3. LMAO! You are too funny. I'm living in San Francisco now, but I will be moving back "home" next year. SF has been so amazing, but there's no place like home. :-)

  4. San Francisco IS amazing. However, NYC is even more amazing.

    I loved being back home in San Francisco (I've adopted it as my unofficial hometown), but I was in NYC the week before that and there just no comparing the two. Both are great in their own ways. You can't top the sheer beauty of San Francisco, the highly educated people and the high level of diversity. But NYC is just excitement central.


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