Saturday, June 7, 2008

Are you serious?!!! Hillary To Run As An Independent?

Update: June 7, 2008 @ 2:12am KST

Okay, picture changed ;)

I'm watching her speech where she's announced her exit from the primary race.

What's most important is that's she's unequivocally endorsed Obama and, furthermore, has encouraged her supporters to shift their support to Obama.

I hope her supporters follow her advice. Cease and desist on this petition and unify the Democratic party. This is going to be a tough campaign. It's time to stick together.

I logged into my MySpace and looked at my bulletins and saw this:

Want To See Hillary Run As An Independent?

www. HillaryGrassrootsCampaign. com

Want To See Hillary Run As An Independent?

Let's explore this possibility of a Hillary Clinton run as an independent candidate this year. It may not be as outlandish as first thought by most. Look at the electoral map. She would have a very good chance of winning or at the least being extremely competitive in NY, CA, MA, NJ, FL, PA, WV (and if she took General Clark as a running mate) AR. That is 172 electoral votes that she could legitimately pick up. That is more than 1/3 of all total electoral votes and 64% of the total needed to win the presidency. In this scenario she would insure that neither McCain or Obama win the presidency. More than likely she would be the electoral vote leader and Congress would have to settle the presidency. If she was the electoral leader and not chosen, that would be the end of the two-party stranglehold on power. If she was chosen, it would still be a huge nail in the two-party coffin.

The more we consider this, the more we are in favor of her making an independent run!
Hillary Clinton is our candidate and she can win without the Democratic Party. Can the Democratic Party win without her? Help make a statement to the DNC.

Petition Hillary to run as an Independent for President.

Let's show Hillary that we support her all the way!

5 Million Signatures by August 15th

Now I would just delete them from my friends for this, but I really want to see what other crap comes up now that Obama has cinched the Democratic nomination.

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  1. How the hell should she run as an Independent when she can't even payoff her twenty million dollar debt? Hello these people that are asking folks to sign up for a petition should concentrate on helping her pay off her debt. Hillary can not win as an Independent. Nevertheless I see a bigger motive here,split the vote like Ralph Nader and Obama may not win. These crazy Hillary supporters will never stop

  2. That's what the update was for. She's endorsed Obama and encouraged her supporters to cut this shit out and also support Obama too.

  3. Yeah, that is a ridiculous bulletin. The party should be united, as it hopefully will be after her speech. I really hope people who support her by supporting Obama...

  4. I think this is the last gasp of those thinking that she will never get this close to the "office" again. I know I really don't see her as this competitive in four or eight years.

    BTW, what would happen if McCain chose Condoleezza Rice as his running mate? Could that be enough to pull the election in his favor?

    John from Daejeon

  5. If McCain chooses Rice, then he's toast for sure. Nothing says "The Third Bush Term" like choosing her as his running mate.

  6. Ha! I think Frank summed it up before I did.

    While I can admire her achievements in education, I don't like her policies and views on diplomacy. Why would he put anyone from the Bush administration on his ticket?

    McCain choosing Condi would mean nothing to me. All whites don't agree on the issue and it's a bit ridiculous to think that putting her on the ticket would mean much to left leaning blacks.

  7. Hmm, what McCainonaut thought that crap up? Who would buy into that? Hillary running as an independent would tear apart the Democratic party.

  8. Some of Hillary's more "passionate" supporters tried to go out on a limb. It's just funny that they're out there all by themselves.


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